Posted by: haymanisle | November 24, 2008

Introduction to Azora at Hayman isle

Good day!  We have introduced something we think will enhance our role play even more, Azora is a product you can “buy” or 0L on the docks of Hayman isle.  simply purchase the products and you will be off and running in no time.

There are a few things that are needed to play with the Azora: rest, food and a few other things that can be purchased quite inexpensively to enhance your role play.

Cee Fall (in disguise) modeling the healing pouch used for Azora

Cee Fall (in disguise) modeling the healing pouch used for Azora

Welcome to using the Azora meter, let’s do basics, starting with the Hud.
Let’s start by going down the hud first

•    Title – this could be anything you like to be called.  You touch the title an then follow the prompts
•    Colour – touch this an change it to desired colour
•    Sound – change to male or female
•    Race – This is your race, it is like title to change
•    Stats – this will tell you how much of each you thing.(being health, Stamina etc)
•    Inspect – You can see what others are using
•    Hands – every item is either left or right handed. The hand will go a yellow when worn. Each item needs a key to activate the item
•    D is for draw
•    S is for Sheath
•    Rune – The funny one underneath is for loading animations for the item you are wearing. This is needed sometimes if the item isn’t working well

Now the meter.

•    H is Health – this can be healed by shrines or bandages or it increases slowly when you’re not being attacked. 5 Health points per min
•    S is stamina. This goes up fast – you just need to sit down or you will faint
•    F is food… you need to wear food an activate it, and then to eat you draw the food out. then hold the left mouse button done. an the arrow key of the side your wearing it
•    AC is armour. You can buy armour.
•    R is resistance. This is an item you can wear to stop Ice, Poison an Fire to a certain extent
•    XP is your experience points. You gain these at roughly 1 XP point every 110 mins, you cant camp as it stops
•    L is your level. Every 25 points you go up a level an gain 5 points to spend on your Health, Stamina, etc
•    A is air. How long you can stay under water

Gain a Level

•    When you gain a level you get 5 points to spend.
•    Look up on your hud an along the top you will see your level an the rune with a number behind it, telling you how many points you have to spend.
•    To spend them hit one of the buttons above to spend it on Health, Stamina etc

Azora Hud Info

Azora Hud Info

Azora Meter info

Azora Meter info

Azora Key Info

Azora Key Info

Any other questions? Feel free to ask, anyone of the staff at Hayman would be happy to help.


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